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January 2017

Moana (Clements/Hall, 2016)

For fans of: Disney Princesses, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Polynesian Mythology

Hell or High Water (Mackenzie, 2016)

For fans of: Westerns, brotherly love, The Town, The Dude

Remembering John Hurt – My Chance Encounter

In 2011 I had the privilege of meeting Sir John Hurt. Here are my memories from that day.

Split (Shyamalan, 2016)

For fans of: M Night Shyamalan, Psychological horror, WTF moments, bald James McAvoy

Zoolander 2 (Stiller, 2016)

For fans of: Justin Bieber, the milking of old jokes, pointless celebrity cameos, FASHUN

Hacksaw Ridge (Gibson, 2016)

For fans of: Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, a bit of the old ultra-violence, WW2 films

La La Land (Chazelle, 2016)

For fans of: Films about acting, Jazz, Blue Valentine, Extravagant dance numbers

Dirty Grandpa (Mazer, 2016)

For fans of: Drugs, Bad Neighbours, Zac Efron’s abs

The Accountant (O’Connor, 2016)

For fans of: Minimalist furnishings, A Beautiful Mind, whiteboards and dry wipe pens, Jon Bernthal

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