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Guardians of the Galaxy – Vol. 2 (Gunn, 2017)

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For fans of: Guardians of the Galaxy, Kurt Russell, feisty baby trees, Fleetwood Mac

John Wick (Stahelski, 2014)

For fans of: Keanu Reeves, no nonsense hitmen, dogs, Taken

Get Out (Peele, 2017)

For fans of: Jordan Peele, psychological horror, satire, comedy horror

Side Effects (Soderbergh, 2013)

For fans of: Rooney Mara, whodunnits, psychiatry, crime dramas

Kong: Skull Island (Vogt-Roberts, 2017)

For fans of: The 70’s, creature features, Vietnam war movies, John C. Reilly

I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore (Blair, 2017)

For fans of: Blue Ruin, justice, the Coen Bros, Sightseers

Celeste and Jesse Forever (Krieger, 2012)

For fans of: Toned down Andy Samberg, relationship dramas, Blue Valentine

Central Intelligence (Thurber, 2016)

For fans of: Buddy cop movies, Dwayne Johnson, fanny packs, physical comedy

Prince Avalanche (Green, 2013)

For fans of: The idea of Paul Rudd with a ‘tache, buddy films, picturesque landscapes

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