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Don’t Breathe (Alvarez, 2016)

For fans of: Cat and mouse thrillers, Stephen Lang, the Evil Dead remake, messed up army veterans

Manchester by the Sea (Lonergan, 2016)

For fans of: Melancholy, Boston accents, natural dialogue, Casey Affleck

Short Term 12 (Cretton, 2013)

For fans of: Brie Larson, low-key dramas, Rami Malek

The Founder (Hancock, 2016)

For fans of: Biographies, Michael Keaton, the American dream, the science behind fast food

Lion (Davis, 2016)

For fans of: Google Earth, Slumdog Millionaire, Indian culture, true stories

Captain Fantastic (Ross, 2016)

For fans of: Little Miss Sunshine, Viggo Mortensen’s manhood, Sigur Ros, dysfunctional families

The LEGO Batman Movie (McKay, 2017)

For fans of: Will Arnett’s voice, LEGO video games, Batman (duh?)

Premium Rush (Koepp, 2012)

For fans of: Michael Shannon, fixie bikes, New York traffic, cheesy dialogue

The Edge of Seventeen (Craig, 2016)

For fans of: Teenage drama, Hailee Steinfeld, Indie soundtracks

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