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Reviews of tense and mysterious films. Grab a pillow and a loved one.

John Wick (Stahelski, 2014)

For fans of: Keanu Reeves, no nonsense hitmen, dogs, Taken

Get Out (Peele, 2017)

For fans of: Jordan Peele, psychological horror, satire, comedy horror

Side Effects (Soderbergh, 2013)

For fans of: Rooney Mara, whodunnits, psychiatry, crime dramas

You’re Next (Wingard, 2013)

For fans of: Tongue in cheek horror, strong independent women who don’t need no man, creative deaths

Don’t Breathe (Alvarez, 2016)

For fans of: Cat and mouse thrillers, Stephen Lang, the Evil Dead remake, messed up army veterans

Nocturnal Animals (Ford, 2016)

For fans of: Charlie Kaufmann, Multiple interpretations, Amy Adams’ face, Cinematography

Split (Shyamalan, 2016)

For fans of: M Night Shyamalan, Psychological horror, WTF moments, bald James McAvoy

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